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  • Please note 24 months visa is NOT guaranteed. Chinese Consulate may downgrade your visa to next level according to their discretion without explanation, even though you believe you meet all conditions. If this occurs, the fee will be adjusted according to the visa issued.
  • Extra time may be needed to have 24 months visa processed.
  • Please do not submit application for 24 months visa if all conditions are not met. Doing so will cause you extra fee and time.
You may apply for 24 months multiple entry business visa to China, only if:

You have US passport, the passport will not expire within 27 months, the passport has at least 3 blank visa pages.
Plus all the following conditions are met.

Business Multiple Entry Visa Valid for 24 Months
  1. You own or work as executives of one of US Fortune 500 companies.
    Please print a list from the link below with your company circled as evidence:

  2. The Fortune 500 companies you own or work for must have subsidiary company or factory in China.
  3. The subsidiary must have the same business name as the parent company in the US.
  4. You have at least one multiple entry visa before. Proof is required.
  5. You have at least two entry stamps in the recent 12 months. Proof is required.
Tourist Multiple Entry Visa Valid for 24 Months
For applicant born in mainland China and has real estate investment in China. You may apply for it if all following conditions are meet:
  1. You were born in mainland China. Your passport must show China as place of birth.
  2. You have received at least one 12 months multiple entry visa before and have been to China at least 3 times in the last 12 months.
  3. You have real estate property in China under your name. Copy of deed is required.
  4. Notarized China Birth Record is required. Photocopy is fine.




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