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Sample Business Letter

  Business letters should contain the following information:
The letter should be written on company letterhead
The name of the applicant sponsored or employed by the company or organization
Purpose of travel, the dates and lengths of your stay in Brazil
Statement guaranteeing financial support for you while in Brazil and return transportation
A closing signature by someone other than the applicant
Sample 1



Consulate of General of Brazil
Visa Section
New York

Dear Sir or Madam:

This letter is to introduce <<>>, who holds the position of <<>> with <<>> Corporation. <<>> is scheduled to travel to Sao Paulo, Brazil on Monday, August 23 and depart Sao Paulo on Friday, August 27.

During his visit to Brazil, <<>> will be attending business meetings at / with <<>>

<<>>’s visit to Brazil is strictly for the purpose of sales meetings and does not involve any technical assistance or training. While in Brazil. <<>> will not exceed the legally authorized stay per visit and has no intention to immigrate to Brazil

<<>> company guarantees the expenses of this trip including airfare for his travel from Brazil and back to the United States.

Your assistance in granting this visa is greatly appreciated.

<<Authorized Signer other than you>>
<<Phone Number>>

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