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  Effective Apr 22, 2010, you must apply for Chinese Passport Name Amendment in person.  
Questions? Please call Chinese Consulate at: 212 244-9498 or 212 868-2078

Instructions for Chinese Passport Name Amendment

Please click here, if you apply for passport extension

  STEP 1 - Make Sure Your Passport is Amendable  
    You must hold a regular passport, such as 1992 version or 1997 version. Service Passport or Passport for Public Affairs can not be extended. Click for Chinese passport samples.  
    Your passport must be in good condition, not damaged.  
    There are still blank visa pages in your passport.  
  STEP 2 - Put Together Application Materials  
(1) Your Passport That Needs To Be Amended
  Also make one photo copy of following pages: the page with your name & photo, most recent China exit stamp, most recent US entry stamp, most recent US visa (if any).
(2) One recent passport-type photograph (color photo only, computer print-out not acceptable)
(3) Chinese Passport Amendment Application H-1 Form (Do not use pencil or pen with red ink.)
  Click here to download the form.
(4) Proof of Lawful Entry into the U.S.
  Original US Green Card. Or a copy of most recent US visa, do not send I-94.
  A notarized photocopy of your Marriage Certificate or Court Order of Name Change.
(5) Clean up Your Passport
  Prepare your passport by removing plastic cover (if any), passport wallet (if any), staples on all pages. FYI: your passport will be scanned and processed by computer, the staples may cause damage to your passport.
  STEP 3 - Apply in person at Chinese Consulate in your jurisdiction