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How to Fill Out Indian Visa Application Form

  This application form is created and maintained by the Indian Government.  
  The best web browser to use for the Indian Visa Application is Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8.0) and above.  
  Indian Mission  
  Please choose USA-New York. Your India visa processing site depends on where in the United States you currently reside, also known as jurisdiction. VisaRite can help you only if you reside in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virgin Islands.  
  Temporary Application ID  
  At the top of the online India Visa Application you will see a Temporary Application ID. Be sure to record and save the Application ID. If you exit the form without clicking “save and continue”, or if you do not keep the Application ID, your information will be lost. To return to an application already started, or to reprint an application that is completed, you can enter the Temporary Application ID at the top of the online Indian Visa Application Form.  
  Verify and Submit  
  After you have answered all of the questions, the final page will allow you to verify the details entered on the visa application form. Please review every question and answer on this page. If any corrections are needed, it will be possible to make changes on this page. However, once you hit continue it will NOT be possible to edit the form in any way. If a correction is needed after this point, it will be necessary to fill out a whole new application form.  
  Print and Sign  

After you have printed the visa application, be sure to sign on both pages. There is a space for the applicant signature underneath the photo on the first page, and a signature near the bottom of the second page. Applications must be signed in both places
Page 1: Each applicant must sign COMPLETELY inside the navBox on Page 1 below their picture. Minors who cannot write their name can use a thumbprint in black ink instead. If any part of the signature or thumbprint is outside of the navBox, the application will be rejected.
Page 2: At the bottom of Page 2, the applicant must sign. If applicant is a minor, both parents or legal guardians must sign.