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Visa Application Form of the People’s Republic of China
V.2013 E Form


- Once you complete this form, please click "Save it" button, the information will be saved, you will be able to download it into PDF format.
- This form is for Chinese Consulate in New York, DC, Houston, Chicago and San Francisco.

Applicant should fill out this form truthfully and completely on a computer, submit it online then download it into PDF file before you print the hard copy. All fields need to be completed. Please state “N/A” or “None” if a section does not apply to you. How to fill out V2013 Form? .


Section 1: Personal information
1.1 Last name
  Middle name
  First name
1.2 Name in Chinese character (For those, born in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong)
1.3 Other names (Change it, if you have/had other name)
1.4 Gender < Male ; < Female
1.5 Date of birth (yyyy-mm-dd)
1.6 Current nationality (Change it, if you are not)
1.7 Former nationality (Change it, if you had other nationality)
1.8 Place of birth (city, province/state, country) (i.e. New York, NY, USA)
1.9 Driver's license or ID number (Such as driver's license #, or student ID #, etc.)
1.10 Passport Type
  Service or Official
  Other (Please specify)
1.11 Passport Number
1.12 Date of Issue (yyyy-mm-dd)
1.13 Expiration Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
1.14 Place (Province/State, Country) of Issue (i.e. DC, USA)
1.15 Current Occupation(s)
  Company employee
  Industrial/Agricultural worker
  Crew Member
  Former/Incumbent member of parliament Position
  Former/Incumbent government official Position
  Military personnel Position
  NGO Staff
  Religious personnel
  Staff of media
  Other (Please specify)
1.16 Education Level Postgraduate
    Other, please specify:
1.17 US employer or school
Employer Name (If you are currently unemployed, please list your previous employer and mark it a previous)
Street Address
City State Zip
Business Phone number
1.18-1.19 Detailed U.S. home address
Street Address
City State Zip
1.20 Home / mobile phone number (number only please. no brackets, no space)
1.21 Email address
1.22 Marital status
  Other (Please specify)
1.23 Major family members (Please list at least one member. If applicant is married, please list spouse's information. If not married, please list parents' information. If applicant has children, please also list your children's information.)
Name Nationality Occupation Relationship
1.24 Emergency contact name
  Contact person’s phone number
  Relationship with the applicant
1.25 Country or territory where the applicant is located when applying for this visa


Section 2. Travel Information
2.1 Major Purpose(s) of Your Visit(s) to China:
  Official Visit
  Non-business visit (For research, lecture, scientific, technological and cultural exchanges)
  Business & Trade (For trade, commerce)
  As introduced talent
  As Crew Member
  As Resident Diplomat or Consul in China
  As Permanent Resident
  As child in foster care
  Short-term visit to Chinese citizen or foreigner with Chinese permanent residence status
  Family reunion for over 180 days with Chinese citizen or foreigner with Chinese permanent residence status
  Short-term visit to foreigner residing in China due to work, study or other reasons
  As accompanying family member of foreigner residing in China due to work, study or other reasons
  Short-term study for less than 180 days
  Long-term study for over 180 days
  As Journalist for Temporary News Coverage
  As Resident Journalist
  Other (Please specify)
2.2 Intended Number of Entries
  Single entry valid for 3 months
  Double entry valid for 3-6 months
  Multi-entry valid for 6 months (Not for non-US passport holder)
  Multi-entry valid for 12 months (Not for non-US passport holder)
  Other Length Specify the length in the box:
2.3 Service Level: Note: Express services need approval of consular officials and extra fees will apply. Express Plus (Not available for all states, click for detail)
2.4 Date of your first entry (yyyy-mm-dd)
2.5 Your longest intended stay (days)
(Numbers of days only)
2.6 Itinerary in China (in time sequence´╝îmay type on separate paper) 
Date (example: 2014-12-01 to 2014-12-20) Detail street address (not just hotel name)
2.7 Who will pay for your trip to China?
2.8 Information of inviter in China 
  Phone number
  Relationship with the applicant
2.9 Have you ever been granted a Chinese visa? If applicable, please specify the date and place of the last time you were granted the visa.
  You have characters left
2.10 Other countries or territories you visited in the last 12 months. If you have been to Turkey in recent few years, please give us a call.
  You have characters left


Section 3: Other information
3.1 Have you ever overstayed your visa or residence permit in China? No Yes
3.2 Have you ever been refused a visa for China, or been refused entry into China? No Yes
3.3 Do you have any criminal record in China or any other country? No Yes
3.4 Are you affiliated with any of the following diseases?    
  • Serious mental disorder
  • Infectious pulmonary tuberculosis
  • Other infectious disease of public health hazards
No Yes
3.5 Did you visit countries or territories infected by infectious diseases in the last 30 days? No Yes
3.6 If you select Yes to any questions from 3.1 to 3.5, please give details below
  (100 letters maximum)
3.7 If you have more information about your visa application other than the above to declare,please give details below or type on a separate paper.
  (100 letters maximum)


Section 4: Declaration
I hereby declare that I have read and understood all the questions in this application and shall bear all the legal consequences for the authenticity of the information and materials I provided.

I understand that whether to issue a visa, type of visa, number of entries, validity and duration of each stay will be determined by consular official, and that any false, misleading or incomplete statement may result in the refusal of a visa for or denial of entry into China.

I understand that, according to Chinese law, applicant may be refused entry into China even if a visa is granted.

Yes, I understand and I agree.



Section 5: If the application form is completed by another person on the applicant's behalf, please fill out the information of the one who completes the form
Name of the person completing
this form on the applicant's behalf
Relationship to the

You have characters left
Phone number