Explanation to China Visa Page

Help you to understand China visa

 Type of your visa. L - tourist visa; F - business visa; Z - work visa; X - study visa. If it’s X, Z or J-1, you should apply your residence permit in the Local Public Security Bureau in 30 days from the date of your entry.
 Permitted number of times you may enter China. The visa automatically comes invalid when you completely use the entries. It cannot be changed.
  Enter before
 It’s in the order of YY/MM/DD. You may enter into China anytime before this date. The visa automatically comes invalid if it’s beyond this date, and cannot be extended.
  Duration of each stay
 Maximum days of each visit in China from the date of your entry. If you need to stay in China longer than this duration, you should extend your visa in Local Public Security Bureau. Otherwise, you may be fined.
  Full name, Date of Birth, Passport Number
 These are your personal information, and should be consistent with your passport. You name is in abbreviation.
 This line is usually blank. If there is a remark, please be attentive to it.
  Issue Date
 The date your visa was issued.
  Issue At
 The Consulate or Embassy where your visa was issued.
  Machine Readable Code  
   Universal code of document. It’s printed on all visas.