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China Visa Application Requirements - Private Visa (S2)

China S2 visa is Issued to those who intend to visit their immediate family members who are non-Chinese (such as US citizen, etc.) working or studying in China. In order to apply for China S2 Visa, please prepare your application according to the detail requirement explained below.

Please prepare all required items below accordingly:

1 Actual passport, plus a photocopy of the name page
2 Proof of Residence
A photocopy of the driver's license or major utility bill with your name and address is required.
3 One recent passport-type photograph
4 Fill out China Online Visa Application Form (COVA) online
5 Submit the Visa Service Request Form Online
6 Payment for visa processing, service and shipping
Chose A
Service Level
Time needed
All Fees
Review and Prepare
Consular Processing
Embassy Fee
Service Fee
Price Regular Pre-check Only Service
5-10 days
From $149*
Price Express Pre-check Only Service
2-5 days
From $259*
Price Regular Service (Pre-check+Submission)
5-10 days
2 - 3 Weeks*
From $249*
Price Express Service (Pre-check+Submission)
2-5 days
8-10 days
From $349*
Price Rush Service (Pre-check+Submission)
1-3 days
4-6 days
From $449*


7 Where You Stay Form
8 Photocopy of Your Previous Chinese Visa
9 An invitation letter from an immediate family member in China
An invitation letter from an immediate family member working or studying in China. A foreigner holding a long term work and study visa with residence permit in China is qualified as an inviter for visa application. The invitation letter should contain:
Invitation letter should be signed by the inviter and can be submitted as a photocopy by scan & email or fax in most cases. However, original invitation might be requested at visa officer's discretion.
Please refer to the link below for sample invitation letters:
Sample private invitation letter for L, Q or S visa
10 Identity of the inviter
11 Proof of kinship
A Additional requirement based on jurisdiction
B Additional requirement for minor
C Additional requirement for Chinese descendants
Pre-check Available Pre-check by email before mailing