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China Group Visa is a particular type of visa that issued to a tourist group which comprises at least five (5) members who must travel together in China. It is issued for single entry only, China Group Visa is issued on a separate sheet instead of visa sticker on the individual passport. One Official Visa Notification Letter from any head office of the China Travel Service (CTS), China International Travel Service (CITS), or China Youth Travel Service (CYTS), or Chinese National Tourism Bureau is required. In order to apply for China Group Visa, please prepare and send in your application according to the detail requirement explained below.

How to qualify?
  • Official Group visa authorization letter from provincial level Tourism Bureau
  • Minimum of 5 people traveling together, must enter and depart China on the same flight, at the same time, with same port of entry and exit as well as same itinerary in China.
How to apply?
Very simple, please send all required paperwork listed below:
1) One Official Group Visa Authorization Letter from any head office of state owned tour operators such as China Travel Service (CTS), China International Travel Service(CITS), or China Youth Travel Service (CYTS), or Chinese National Tourism Bureau, or any Chinese provincial Tourism Bureau.
  FYI: Official Visa Notification Letter is normally issued by provincial level tourism bureau or it's authorized agency or company. Your organizer in China normally knows how to obtain it. It should be a simple process. If your organizer in China doesn't know how to obtain it, please advise them to contact with local tourism bureau. Please click here for an sample group visa authorization letter..
2) One copy of legible Passport copy of each passenger. No actual passports and photos are required for group visa application. However your passport must have at least 6 more months validity left.
3) One group visa list. Please download the form (in Microsoft Excel format) by click here. Very Important: Please fill out the list strictly according the requirement as indicated.
How Much does it cost?
5 to 9 people: $170 per person
10 to 19 people: $165 per person
20 people and over: $160 per person
Plus $29 for return shipping by FedEx.
How long does it take?
It takes about 10 - 14 working days for the Consulate to process group visa.
Forms of Payment:
       We accept agency check, money order or certified check. Please make check or money order payable to VisaRite Service. You can write the total amount on one check or money order, no need to send separate checks or money order.
Our Mailing Address

To prevent delay caused by any errors or omissions, please email us at: a scanned copy or images of the complete application paperwork for a pre-check. We will email you the detailed shipping instruction once the pre-check is completed.